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The Missing-Jacob Dyrhaug, 1904

By Cecelia McKeig

In October 1904, the postmaster from Shotley, near Red Lake, was reported missing when he failed to return to his homestead after playing a dance on Saturday night. Jacob Sivertsen Dyrhaug left home by boat on a relatively balmy Saturday for the dance in Shotley where he remained until the next day. Temperatures were a little better than normal and there was no snow yet. On Sunday, October 23, he left Shotley to return home by the same route. It was his son Sivert’s birthday.

On Monday, when he hadn’t returned, his family became alarmed, and a search party set out from the homestead.

Mr. Dyrhaug was well-liked. He was born in Norway in was married in 1895 at Crookston where he had operated a dray line. Jacob and his wife Hilda filed on a homestead containing 140 acres not far from Shotley Brook on the shores of Upper Red Lake. They had four sons, Melvin Henry, age 8, Sivert, age 7, Halsten Jacob, age 5, and Martin Harold, age 3.

The Dyrhaug homestead, which also hosted the post office, was about a mile from village of Shotley. Mr. Dyrhaug was a fiddler of some renown in Shotley Brook and was accustomed to playing for dances. On a previous occasion, after playing nearly all night, he fell asleep in his boat and was found on the shore the next morning. This time, the search party soon discovered his boat, the oars and his cap on the shore but without a body.

Mrs. Dyrhaug at the Homestead in Shotley

Speculation focused on whether he might have fallen asleep on this occasion, and in some way fallen from the boat and drowned. Days passed without any sign of a body. On the previous occasion, he had gone to sleep and did not wake up until the waves washed his craft against the shore.

After several weeks, his body was found on the lakeshore. At first, it was rumored that he might have committed suicide, but his business was doing well, and he had recently added to the stock of merchandise at the store. Suicide was ruled out, but the possibility of murder persisted within his family circle.