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Are teachers born or made? Most of the contributors to this collection will tell you that their desire to teach started early. They may have practiced with younger siblings or classmates or even dolls, pets, and barnyard animals. Jewell says, "I wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. I was surrounded by my pupils: my lambs, my kitties, my dolls and teddy bear, and a big pumpkin to sit on. What more could a child want"? 

This book is a collection of teaching memories contributed by members past and present of the Mu Chapter, Tau State, Delta Kappa Gamma Society. Jewell has been passionate about collecting these stories for the past two decades. Finally, they have come together along with Jewell's watercollor illustrations. 

This book is dedicated to teachers everywhere and to the students they taught, loved and learned from. 

Mu Musings: A Collection of Teaching Memories

SKU: 6062478481561
  • Sue Bruns

  • Jewell Mendenhall

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