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Brown Water Navy - Mobile Riverine Force, Vietnam


When Wendell Affield arrived in Vietnam in February 1968, the Tet Offensive was in full swing. Affield, cox'n on Armor Troop Carrier 112-11 and the rest of River Division 112 operated non-stop, first in the Mekong Delta with the Army 9th Infantry Division, then just below the DMZ with the 3rd Marine Division. They were subjected to ambushes, snipers, North Vietnam Army Artillery, and river mines. Vampire mosquitoes, racism, boredom, and a volatile boat captain strained boat crew morale. On a Sunday afternoon, ATC 112-11, the platoon of army troops on board, and the boat crew, were savaged in the opening moments of a Viet Cong Main Force ambush. 

Muddy Jungle Rivers

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  • Wendell Affield

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