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"The authors present a fine background history in photos and text that chronicles the story of many of the depots that survive today. Shadows of Time is an historical comparison using fine photographic images, contrasting "original" views with photos of the structures today. Each depot is highlighted with a short in-depth history which offers a wealth of information concerning both the railroad companies and the communities they served. This book presents the history of Minnesota's surviving depots as never before, and its fine graphics and information make it a must for any student of Minnesota railroad history."  - John C. Luecke - leading Minnesota railroad historian and author. 

Shadows of Time - Minnesota's Surviving Railroad Depots

SKU: 3399478481561
  • Bill Schrankler with Frederick L. Johnson
    Forward by Governor Wendell R. Anderson

  • 264 pages, hardcover
    12 x 12 x 1 Inches
    ISBN: 978-0578130583

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