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Kids! This book includes tips for learning how to dribble a soccer ball so you can score a goal someday too! 

After watching an event on TV or seeing other kids in the neighborhood, she gets it in her mind that it is her time to play and to reward herself each time she's successful, she creates a new sports charm to put on her crown like a jewel of accomplishment. 

About the Shelly Bean Series! Girls’ participation in sports has grown to an all-time high but the books they read and the dolls they play with still represent princesses. Shelly Bean the Sports Queen is a leader of a new generation where being a “jock” is acceptable for girls and encouraged. It might take falling down, getting hurt and getting back up but Shelly Bean is determined to learn new sports and be great.

Shelly Bean the Sports Queen Scores a Soccer Goal

SKU: 8273378481561
    • 32 pages, paperback.
    • Includes tips for learning how to dribble a soccer ball, information for families and educators page, about the author. 
    • 9 x 9 inches.
    • ISBN: 9781495175688
  • Authored by Shelly Boyum-Bremen
    Illustrated by Marieka Heinlen
    Published by Level Field Press, LLC. 

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